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Camp Rainbow

"This means so much to have time at camp and escape reality.
Thank You!"  -Maggie (Camper)

Camp Memories Make the

Best Memories

In 2019, our more than 850 campers enjoyed CAMP ADVENTURES at Teen Camp, Summer Camp, Day Camp, SIBS Camp, a TNT Travel Adventure, Camp-In, and Family Camp. Because of your dedication to these CAMP ADVENTURES at Camp Rainbow, we are excited for our 2020 camps where nearly 900 campers will discover why “Camp is Magic!”

Your generous donations made during our Matching Campaign will help us cover the cost of food and lodging, sunblock and bug spray, pool toys and craft supplies.  

We ask that you consider a gift in support of the CAMP ADVENTURES at Camp Rainbow. And now through December 31 st , your gift in support of CAMP ADVENTURES can have double the impact.

Donate today to change the life of a child diagnosed with cancer or a blood-related disease!

  • $2000- Send 1 CAMPER and their 1-on-1 counselor to SUMMER CAMP

  • $1500- Send 1 FAMILY to FAMILY CAMP

  • $1000- Send 1 SIBLING to SIBS CAMP

  • $750- Send 1 TEEN to TEEN CAMP

  • $500- Send 1 DAY CAMPER to DAY CAMP

  • $250- Fund 1 TNT Activity

  • $100- Sponsor 1 day of fun at CAMP-IN

  • $50- Stock supplies so we can create smiles, laughter and MAGIC in 2020

  • $1+  We are grateful for any amount you choose. THANK YOU!

Camp Rainbow

Adventure is

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