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Learn More About Childhood Cancer

American Cancer Society

A nationwide, community-based, voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service.

American Childhood Cancer Organization

The largest publisher and distributor of free childhood cancer books in the country. Their books and materials are targeted at parents, young patients, siblings, educators, and caregivers. They work constantly to develop new tools and resources for the population we serve.

Brain Tumor Foundation for Children

Provides emotional and informational support to families of children with brain tumors, as well as aims to raise awareness of the disease and provide education. The Brain Tumor Foundation for Children also raises funds to support research for a cure and for the improvement in the treatment and the quality of life of the victims of pediatric brain tumor disease.

Cancer Survivor Link

Created to increase awareness and knowledge about the life-long healthcare needs of pediatric cancer survivors and to increase communication about the specific healthcare needs of individual survivors between: Survivor and Family, the Cancer Survivor Team, the Primary Care Provider and the Healthcare Subspecialist.

Children's Cancer & Blood Foundation

The largest and oldest charitable organization in the US dedicated to the care of children suffering from blood diseases and cancers. CCBF funding has helped revolutionize the treatment of children suffering from cancers & childhood blood disorders.

The Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy

A non-profit organization that works as a national catalyst to stimulate drug discovery and development for childhood cancers, to expand resources for research and treatment, and to address the needs and concerns of survivors.

Children's Oncology Camping Association International

COCA is an international assembly of people providing camping programs for children with cancer.

Children with Cancer: Positive Benefits of Camping

a scholarly article exploring the positive benefits of camps for kids with cancer.

Stop Childhood Cancer Alliance

A group of nonprofit organizations that have come together to increase awareness of childhood cancer and enhancing support for the young people fighting this disease—and the clinicians and researchers who are helping them.

Teens Living With Cancer

A site for teens living with cancer who have lots of living to do! Teens can connect with other teens with cancer and parents can hear from other parents.

KOA Care Camps

Koa Care Camps is here to bring hope, healing and outright fun for kids with cancer. Working together, KOA owners, the KOA home office, our partners and KOA campers raise funds for a single cause: to send children with cancer to medically supervised camps where they have a great time in the great outdoors with other kids who understand what they're going through.

National Children's Cancer Society

The National Children's Cancer Society (N.C.C.S.) mission is to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and to reduce the risk of cancer by promoting children's health through financial and in-kind assistance, advocacy, support services, and education.


A nonprofit organization dedicated to conquering childhood cancer and leukemia through research, education, and support of the patients and their families.

CURE Search

A web site geared toward patients and families seeking information about cancer. The information presented can be customized by disease, phase of treatment and age.

Make a Difference In a Child's Life

Join us in giving children the adventure of a lifetime! Donate today to change the life of a child diagnosed with cancer or a blood-related disease.

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