"This was are Kylie bugs first time away from home for more than a day and I am sure she's having a great time but it's harder on me and Dad that it isn't her but we know she's having a blast and I think Camp Rainbow for giving her the opportunity to have fun and neat people and kids who have what she has or close to what she has and I think all the donors who made this possible and all the volunteers you guys are rockstars just like my little one and all the little ones are rockstars as soon as I get her stories and pictures I will understand more about Camp Rainbow right now all I know is I'm sure she's having a blast and I have yet to get a phone call so I know she is doing good and just want to thank you all for the opportunity of letting her come to camp and experiencing it and I'm sure she will want to come future and multiple times thank you all I can't rainbow and thank you all to the amazing kids who attend Camp Rainbow"

⁠— Jessi D.

"Camp Rainbow is such a wonderful charity. It is so nice to be able to go as a family to family camp at Trout Lodge. You are able to bond as a family and make memories. No worries like cooking, money and you may even forget about your child's treatments for cancer for a bit. My son also enjoyed the overnight camp in June. Thank you so much. The staff really care about our family and we love them."

⁠— Eileen H.

"I absolutely love this camp! The people there are amazing and really care about these kids! They make my son feel strong, independent, and so loved. He has so much fun there he can't wait till the next year of camp!"

⁠— Cricket T.

"It was such an amazing experience for Alexia every day on the way home she would be so thrilled to tell me everything she did throughout the day! Everybody there is wonderful and I know she especially enjoying having her own counselor and making a best friend!"

⁠— Stephani M.

"Camp Rainbow is an amazing place full of so many loving, kind, dedicated people that are devoted to making kids with cancers lives better!"

⁠— Lori Z.

"[My Son] is enjoying camp and I'm so proud of him for going when he had anxieties."

⁠— Brad E.

"Haley has gone 5 years in a row. It's one of her favorite things to do. This place & the people involved are the best. Thank you!

⁠— Dean H.

"Camp is the best place in the world. #camp2014"

⁠— Joe E.

"This is a place to get away and have fun and form a family and great friends. #camprainbow is life."

⁠— Kyle D.

"A place filled with warmth and generosity! Was humbled by the spirit of the campers and the willingness of the volunteers."

⁠— Shawn R.

"The camp is doing great work for our community. My daughter was a camper there as a child and is not a counselor."

⁠— Dan B.

"So grateful for camp rainbow, love there is somewhere safe for him to be a normal kid."

⁠— Ashley F.

"They are an amazing organization that really has heart. They put you and your family first. It's quality time for kids and families."

⁠— Terrah I.

"This is an amazing group that helps sick kids in our communities. A camp filled with warmth and love."

⁠— Jeff H.

"Beyond amazing! JJ just says bye mom love you when being dropped off and doesn't want to leave at pick up! So blessed that my son can enjoy camp!!"

⁠— Stephanie D.

"Camp Rainbow is a little piece of heaven for awesome kids to look forward to after the storms of cancer treatments. Thanks for the experience for these brave kids and their families."

⁠— Sharon H.

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