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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Camp Rainbow 2021.

The safety of our campers and camp community is at the forefront of all our decisions regarding our camp delivery.  Therefore, due to the continued spread of the Covid-19 virus, Camp Rainbow has made the decision to host our 2021 Teen Camp and Summer Camps (Overnight Camp, SIBS Camp, and Day Camp) virtually.

In 2020 we hosted nearly 800 campers through our virtual camp programs.  We anticipate hosting even more in 2021.  To make these special and magical camp opportunities a reality for our campers, we need your help!

In response to the modification of our camp delivery models, we have updated our volunteer descriptions.  Please take a moment to review the descriptions below to choose the correct role for you at Camp Rainbow 2021.

If at anytime during this application process you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Tricia@camprainbow.com.

Thank you again for your interest in being part of our camps in 2021.

"Camp Rainbow is my happy place!"

Please note: Descriptions have changed from prior years.

Summer Camp


Summer Camp

Unit Heads


Tribe Leaders


Camp Guides




Special Guests


Volunteer Information

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Volunteer Spotlights

Each year more than 400 volunteers help to create special and magical camp experiences at Camp Rainbow.

We are so proud that many of our volunteers choose to return year after year. While we are grateful for and want to celebrate all of our volunteers, we especially want to spotlight the following volunteers celebrating a milestone anniversary at Camp Rainbow.

5 Years!

  • Haleigh Bachman
  • Abby Eastwood
  • Rachel Edidin
  • Sydney Scott
  • Shoshana Weinstein

10 Years!

  • Stephanie Dummerth
  • Kelly Eastman
  • Magda Lijowska
  • Abby Sharamitaro
  • Chris Slagle
  • Caleb Wyble

20 Years!

  • Dan Gordon

Camp Rainbow 2021 Volunteers

Thank you to all of the Camp Rainbow 2021 Volunteers. The following individuals, together with the Camp Rainbow Board of Directors, Camp Rainbow Medical Advisory Board, Camp Rainbow Leadership Team, and the Staff of Camp Rainbow work magic to create fun, exciting, and amazing camp experiences.

  • Sara Anderson
  • Heidi Andringa
  • Elizabeth Antworth
  • Haleigh Bachman
  • Quinten Bachman
  • Rodney Bachman
  • Ethan Bader
  • Joe Blair
  • Huey Blake
  • Jn Bogard
  • Maggie Bohannan
  • Ethan Boulanger
  • Ally Henning
  • Callie Kaplan
  • Anna Klenc
  • Sandy Komen
  • Sally Krebs
  • Mark Kronemer
  • Cathleen Kronemer
  • Ellie Kuhn
  • Katie Lawless
  • Sammi Leidel
  • Magda Lijowska
  • Beth Lipschutz
  • Kathryn Urschler
  • Edward White
  • Barbara Winnerman
  • Barry Brimer
  • Allen Brockman
  • Ronnie Brockman
  • Mara Bunsick
  • Austin Buss
  • Charlie Buss
  • Kenzie Byrkit
  • Dominic Caputa
  • Christine Chen
  • Aly Chisum
  • Matt Clark
  • Cat Cole
  • Ann Loiterstein
  • Kylee Lowes
  • Emily McKee
  • Mary McKee
  • Jonas McCaffrey
  • Jerry McCaffrey
  • Valerie Mertz
  • Ken Meyer
  • Connell O'Reilly
  • Brianna Pheiffer
  • Campbell Pim
  • Sophia Prost
  • Julia Tullman
  • Shoshana Weinstein
  • Kevin Wormington
  • JoLinda Cohen
  • Carly Coons
  • Amy Cooper
  • Jeff Cooper
  • Ashlyn Creech
  • Caitlin Diffley
  • Stephanie Dummerth
  • Jenny Dummerth
  • Kelly Eastman
  • Abby Eastwood
  • Rachel Edidin
  • Sara Espindola
  • Ananya Radhakrishnan
  • Barbie Ricken
  • Heidi Ricken
  • Gerry Ricken
  • Shelia Ricken
  • Linda Sandemel
  • Madeline Sartorius
  • Hannah Sauerhage
  • Carly Scaduto
  • Caleb Schroder
  • Sydney Scott
  • Scott Sedlak
  • Greta Thompson
  • Pam Walker
  • John Wolf
  • Zach Fernau
  • Maddie Flowers
  • Courtney Fritz
  • Michelle Fritz
  • Jordan Galloway
  • Ashley Garlick
  • Courtney George
  • Dan Gordan
  • Adam Grosman
  • Jill Grosman
  • Anne Grotjan
  • Maddie Helterbrand
  • Ben Seizman
  • Lily Shaikun
  • Abby Sharamitaro
  • Katie Shemwell
  • Adam Sherberg
  • Jessi Sievers
  • Chris Slagle
  • Jason Slagle
  • Ryan Slagle
  • Raizel Small
  • Aaron Sparks
  • Dan Stuckel
  • David Stuckel
  • Andi Vicksman
  • Lauren Zigman

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