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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Camp Rainbow 2021.

The safety of our campers and camp community is at the forefront of all our decisions regarding our camp delivery.  Therefore, due to the continued spread of the Covid-19 virus, Camp Rainbow has made the decision to host our 2021 Teen Camp and Summer Camps (Overnight Camp, SIBS Camp, and Day Camp) virtually.

In 2020 we hosted nearly 800 campers through our virtual camp programs.  We anticipate hosting even more in 2021.  To make these special and magical camp opportunities a reality for our campers, we need your help!

In response to the modification of our camp delivery models, we have updated our volunteer descriptions.  Please take a moment to review the descriptions below to choose the correct role for you at Camp Rainbow 2021.

If at anytime during this application process you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Tricia@camprainbow.com.

Thank you again for your interest in being part of our camps in 2021.

"Camp Rainbow is my happy place!"

Please note: Descriptions have changed from prior years.

Summer Camp


Summer Camp

Unit Heads


Tribe Leaders


Camp Guides




Special Guests


Volunteer Information

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Volunteer Spotlights

This past year, Camp Rainbow volunteers logged more than 33,000 service hours creating camp magic!
As a special recognition to our volunteers, Camp Rainbow certified these dedicated individuals through the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

President's Lifetime Achievement Award

Presidential Volunteers have completed 4,000 or more hours of service over their lifetime.

  • Allen Brockman
  • Ronnie Brockman
  • Glen Dummerth
  • Patty Dummerth
  • Mark Kronemer

Gold Level Volunteers

Gold Level Volunteer hours are measured over a 12-month period and are awarded on a cumulative basis. Adults have completed 500+ hours of service. Young Adults have completed 250+ hours of service.

  • Sara Anderson
  • Mitch Bartola
  • Danielle Boaz
  • Zach Fernau
  • Shelby Ginsburg
  • Daniel Hakan
  • Emily Kohn
  • Kylee Lowes
  • Raizel Small
  • Chirs Timmerman
  • Alex Wilcox
  • Cate Wirth
  • Alyson Yawitz

Silver Level Volunteers

Silver Level Volunteer hours are measured over a 12-month period and are awarded on a cumulative basis. Adults have completed 250-499 hours of service. Young Adults have completed 175-249 hours of service.

  • Pam Berne
  • Huey Blake
  • Sophie Bonilla
  • Debbi Braunstein
  • Barry Brimer
  • Allison Chippendale
  • Caitlin Diffley
  • Iliana Eber
  • Alexis Engel
  • Emma Epley
  • Sam Gendelman
  • Courtney George
  • Carlye Goldenburg
  • Adam Grossman
  • Ann Grojhan
  • Theo Guhr
  • William Heideman
  • Ally Henning
  • Ilana Hertz
  • Bailey Holt
  • Dominique Hyde
  • Jessica Hyde
  • Ariel Isaacs
  • Iliana Eber
  • Alexis Engel
  • Conor Killen
  • Justin Lautermilch
  • Rachel Lehrman
  • AJ Lowes
  • Katherine Lucken
  • Mary McKee
  • Cami Oberfeld
  • Daniel Peters
  • Sarah Peterson
  • Hannah Pinson
  • Ashley Politte
  • Ellie Scherck
  • Allyson Segall
  • Ben Seitzman
  • Ray Sheetz
  • Arin Simon
  • Kaleb Smith
  • Greta Thompson
  • Emma Upbin
  • Alexander Venardos
  • Grage Yarnell

Bronze Level Volunteers

Bronze Level Volunteer hours are measured over a 12-month period and are awarded on a cumulative basis. Adults have completed 100-249 hours of service. Young Adults have completed 100-174 hours of service.

  • Rodney Bachman
  • Brenn Banaszynski
  • Anthony Barrale
  • Jamie Barrale
  • Dr. Heather Bechtel
  • Natalie Blackman
  • Jon Bogard
  • Jenny Boring
  • Brian Braunstein
  • Danielle Braunstein
  • Steve Brockman
  • Robbie Cassell
  • Jo Linda Cohen
  • Catherine Cole
  • Erika Cole
  • Amy Cooper
  • Jeff Cooper
  • Penny Cutrell
  • Ryan Cutrell
  • Kristen Daly
  • Jessica Davis
  • Heather DeGregorio
  • Roland DeGregorio
  • Andrew Dummerth
  • Jennifer Demmerth
  • Stephanie Demmerth
  • Eric Eisleben
  • Janice Eisleben
  • Mary Frazier
  • Aleeza Granote
  • Paula Granote
  • Nicole Gray
  • Jessica Grimes
  • Edward Grochowski
  • Jon Hanks
  • Laura Hanks
  • Brittany Holderfield
  • Laura Hollis
  • Bevin Killen
  • Conor Killen
  • Dirk Killen
  • Jackie Krick
  • Emily Kohnen
  • Eric Kohnen
  • Leandra Kohnen
  • Cathleen Kronemer
  • Jillian Kronemer
  • Cheryl Lawless
  • Sammi Leidel
  • Beth Lipschutz
  • Tom Lynch
  • Alina Malina
  • Brian Ott
  • Erin Ott
  • Jennifer Ott
  • Judy Peckham
  • Angela Pollman
  • Gene Pollman
  • Hannah Prosperi
  • Grace Puetz
  • Joe Puetz
  • John Puetz
  • Kevin Puetz
  • Margeret Puetz
  • Barbie Ricken
  • Emily Rigdon
  • Emily Sedlak
  • Scott Sedlak
  • Cassie Seitz
  • Katie Shemwell
  • Suzanne Slagle
  • Zack Sievers
  • Aaron Sparks
  • Stephen Snyder
  • Elizabeth Steiner
  • Karen Steiner
  • Kevin Steiner
  • Patrick Steiner
  • Dylan Struttman
  • Brittany Stuckel
  • Daniel Stuckel
  • David Stuckel
  • Vicki Stumpf Pollman
  • Charlie Thierauf
  • Allison Thornsberry
  • Mark Thornsberry
  • Deborah Wagner
  • Sammie Yarnell
  • Alex Yedlin
  • Mary Yousef
  • Sarah Yousef
  • Sierra Wood

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